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TWDG-Mark: Fight, not Flight by DJ-Sky-Storm-117
TWDG-Mark: Fight, not Flight
   Love Mark from the Walking Dead Game. Started to play it again after so long. He needs more love. <3

Mark belongs to TWD
Pic belongs to me
Sorry the color came out weird. Will scan another day.

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Mark(iplier) X Reader

   I tried to ignore the the messages that kept popping up on my laptop. The pinging was just white noise to the voices I kept hearing in my head. I was trying to pick his melodic voice out from the static, but all the others that screamed and yelled were too loud. They were agitated and in pain.

  The messages kept getting louder, to the point were I just turned around and pulled the plug. I saw most of them were from Mark. He was well aware as to what had happened to my best friend, from the first message I got of his death all the way to my last regret of never being with him in his last moments. It was ripping me apart at the seams.

  There was no one else I needed, no one else I wanted. He was the person I never had the strength to be. What was I to do now? How am I to handle all the memories and promises we had made?
  Now my cellphone was going off. Damn everyone, I just wanted to be alone. What would I have to do to get them to understand that? I don't need them to coddle me and say how sorry they are, how everything is going to get better. I don't need to cry on their shoulders or release the pain through words. I'm not that kind of person.

  The burning on my wrists flared up in desperation. I didn't even realize I had picked the blade back up, carving more slits into the skin. When did I start doing this again? What time was it anyway? There were many questions as to what truly was happening, I kept throwing personas out to deal with people as I went on autopilot again and again. I was no longer in control.

   In my head, I felt fine, other then the voices. They were a comfort really, even with the screaming, but I knew I was far from being okay. The cuts on my skin would say so, but that's more of a release. I need it to stay attached, or else I'll float away. It reminds me that I'm still alive, even though I'm caught up in some hellishly prolonged night terror. This was real, this happened, and I'm stuck in the darkest depression.

  Just laying back on the bed, trying to remember his face as he lay in that coffin, I played my wrists like fucking violins, just sliding back and forth. Blood splattered and fell across my waist, little spurts and tears. I didn't bother to cover them when I heard the door being beaten on like crazy. What did people think, that hitting it enough would magically open it?

  I rolled over and got over to the door. Standing there, I lost myself again in thought before I came back and turned the lock. Of course, it was Mark, practically shaking with effort. Did he run all the way here? I was just down the hall from him, so why was he breathing like he ran a mile and had a panic attack in the process??

  .....Oh, yeah I'm covered in blood.

"Jesus fucking hell!" He stared at me in terror, shaking now as he grabbed my wrists to compress the bleeding and pulled me back into my apartment. Running around like a busy bee, I watched faintly as he pulled together medical supplies and bandages. Didn't he know that these cuts weren't deep, just an accumulation of my actions to ruin the skin almost to my elbows?

"____-! I ddon't even-Why would you..." Mark's voice was trembling, fingers pressed into my wounds, but I felt relief at the pain. "I was calling you and messaging you, and-shit! Why are you still bleeding!!"

​"Mark, please stop panicking."​ Even though I didn't feel like dealing with his breakdown, I tried to add a comforting tone to my voice. It was scratchy like a broken record. "I'm going to be fine. You don't have to worry so much."

"Worry! You think I'm just fucking worried!?!" The glare and anger in those eyes, I almost wanted to believe in it. Did I really make him this mad? "What the hell _____! I couldn't be more pissed off with you."

  By now, he had wrapped my whole arm and proceeded to the next. Already it was sopping wet with blood, staining the darkest crimson I had ever seen. Maybe I had gone deeper then I thought, but I couldn't truly tell. I felt my threads on reality loosening again.

"Mark, please stop panicking..."

"You already fucking said that! And I won't."

  Tying it up one last time, he hauled me into his arms, almost charging out the door to what I presumed was the hospital. Jeesh, it wasn't that bad, why were we heading there? I'm not suffering blood loss or anything, although I now did feel lightheaded. Probably from the sunlight. It was so intense.

"______, you better not touch those bandages or I swear to god I will strap you to that seat. Got it?"

''Mark.....please stop..."

   The car was moving so fast, I could barely see the world passing by, just colors blurred through the windows. The glass withheld a place I no longer felt connected to, trapped in. There was nothing to worry about. But Mark kept stuttering and yelling, like I was really listening.

"_____, I know it hurts.
I know you miss...But please! Just fucking please try to live!" I could hear his voice fading and breaking in the process. Spots were forming in the colors, like black ants slowly invading the space around me. "It won't be easy. It's won't be the same life you imagined with....But you need to. You need to live. I just need you to do this for me."

  He gripped my face in his hands, this look on his face that slowly started to shake me to my core. It held so much love and fear and misery.... Wasn't he driving, why the hell did he let go of the steering wheel?!

"Please ____....Live for me-Live for us!
...I love you....Remember that I love you...."

".....I love you too Mark...."

      I came to after awhile. I was still lying on my bed, hearing the voices, my computer dinging, and cell phone going off. My wrists all the way to my elbows burned with heat and pain, blood coating and coagulating all over my clothes, skin, and sheets. I sat up long enough to come back fully to reality. To the world I was trying desperately to push out.
   Mark's voice finally broke through the noise of it all, his words sticking into my head. His last words....

​I loved him...but he was never coming back.​
Untethered-Mark(iplier) X Reader
  For people who don't read enough into it, I'll just straight up tell you:
Loosing yourself from reality, Mark tries to save you, but he's gone and not coming back.

Story belongs to me
Markiplier belongs to himself
Hey everyone. Just want you all to know that I love you guys, and I'm still here. But between college, work, and loosing the one person in this world I loved the most....I will only be adding stuff when I fully finish them. And I won't be on here a whole lot. So keep open eyes for all the news things I'll be posting. <3

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  Mark X Reader- Enter The Darkness

  I shrieked, covering my head as part of the ceiling crashed down around me, dust and debris scratching my skin. The heat was unbelieving excruciating, the flames working up in the center of the apartment building and licking the walls like hungry demons from hell.

"Ohgod, ohgod, ohgod, ohgod, ohgod, ohgod, ohgod!"

  I muttered this mantra over and over as I dodged open floor boards and fire, ducking and running throughout. My flesh was burning, sweat evaporating instantly. When I reached the top floor, the staircase crumbled behind me as I got into the room. The doorknob left burns in my palms, but I bit my lip to the pain. There was no time to worry about any wounds received.

 Mark was on the floor, coughing and delirious from lack of oxygen in the smoke. I quickly got down and grabbed his arm, yanking him up by the window. His body was completely dead weight, having to heave my shoulders to keep us both up.

"Mark, we need to get to the roof."

  He shook his head as I rammed my foot through the window, shoe scrapping out the glass shards before hopping out and having him follow behind. More scratches appeared, weeping red tears at the situation we were in. Down below, an empty thirty foot drop made my stomach plunge. I could't even see the streets below, not a soul in sight.

  What was even worse, when I turned my head, I noticed Mark tilting, his feet shifting in attempt to stand up. As I lunged to grab him, he slowly started to fall, only catching my hands into his as he slipped and dangled off the side. It looked like the shadows below were waiting to swallow and drag him down.

"Mark!" I screamed, trying to pull him up. He tried grabbing the sides, but there wasn't anything to hold, shoes unable to grip the brick wall he hung against. His eyes were as wide and fearful as mine, connecting for a moment in total chaos.


"No. Mark I can hold-"

"______, let go." He looked at me so seriously, it was almost like his lighthearted soul was gone. The air around us fell silent, the once cracking fire and falling wood behind muted.

"No, I wont." His faced registered surprise at me solid statement. But I saw that fire in them that disapproved.

"I can't let you fall with me ________. Now let go."

"No, I'm not going to let go."

"Yes you will." I felt his fingers going limp, trying to slide out of my grip.

I felt my knees bleeding, flesh digging in as I skidded centimeters at a time.

"_______, let-"

"Mark, I am not letting go!" I let my nails cut further into his hands, noting the pain flash in his eyes."You will not let go, and neither will I."


"......Every fan of yours would die for you, so why should I, your own girlfriend, be any different? I goddamn love you Mark and I am not letting go!"

"..............I love you too _________."

It was at that moment that my legs gave out, and we both slowly drifted down in the dark.....



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Ya'll are making me do these just so you can get all my secrets~ Shhshshshshshshshooo! Don't worry yourself. I'll just tell you. O3O PS- I'm thinking of changing my icon again, but I'm out of ideas. Got any? Cause I might go old school Jeff again ->  Jeff The Killer Icon by Straight-AsA-Rainbow

Gots tagged by :iconjellyfishpirate09:

1. Must post the rules here!
2. Each person must share 10 things about them.
3. Answer the 10 questions, then invent your own.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal.
5. No tag backs
6. You can't say you don't do tags (Sorry but I don't! Muhahahahahaaaa!!!)

These be her questions:
And anybody else who just wants to have fun :D (Big Grin)
That was fun and mostly pain free and now my 10 questions, 

1. What is your favorite movie (extra points for leaving the best quote from said movie 
:D (Big Grin))
- (Watchmen) "None of you seem to understand. I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with ME!!" -Rorschach

2. What's your biggest fear?

-Crabs. e-e They be evil....

3. Which do you like better Cats or Dogs?

-Cats now because I hate having dogs all up in my face and breathing on me like boys do.

4. Did you like going to school?

-I did. No I graduated and I WANNA GO BACK!! ;-;

5. Who is your favorite person in the whole world?

-Mark Fischbach. Not because he's famous, or hot, or a YouTuber. And not even for the fact that he helped me during the worst moment of my life. It's because he cares so much about everyone around him and every time he smiles, no matter how much I hate people or I'm in pain, I smile too. I only feel truly happy around Mark.

6. How do t-rexes hug if their arms are so short? Can they even hug for that matter? Would you hug a t-rex? T-REX!!!

-They hug you with their mouths. :3 Like Jaws did. And I would.

7. What's your favorite season?

-Mother-humpin Fall. Because it's so beautiful and gorgeous weather~

8. Do you consider yourself a funny person?

-I like to think so, cause I laugh at everything.

9. If you could be a ruler, where would you reign? (any land real or imaginary)

-I would rule Resident Evil. And make all the Lickers and zombies my servants. In little butler suits!

10. <insert your own question here, then answer it> wait I can't do that, it's cheating, fine...ummm... what is the one thing you have always wanted to do but just never had the time/money/courage to do?
-....*puts deep feelz face on* Told my moirail the truth, all the truth, and taken back all the lies I told her for her sake. I would have tried harder to make her stay. Even if it wasn't right.

Yeah, so there you go! I dont tag back so.....hahah!!
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