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June 25, 2013
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Medic X Reader

(Blu Version)

  I sat on my bed, watching the clock tick away as the impending silence of the base sank further into the night. There was a burning hunger deep in my stomach, making me twitch and pray that everyone was deep enough in their dreams to not be up at this hour. My mission was simple in idea, but problematic to actually succeed in. It wasn’t a job I could just do. It needed stealth, efficiency, and calm. Because I was going to break into Medic’s lab.

   As insane as it sounded, the item of choice was even weirder: The jar of cough drops. Yes, I am one of the poor souls  addicted to those things. The cool menthol dripping down my throat and the refreshing flavors soothing the inner hunger, God I love cough drops. The major problem was how hard it is to infiltrate such a part of the base. Medic is very strict about who and what goes in and out of there, and not to mention the fact that he would flip if he found out about me stealing from him.

  This was going to be hard. It was now dead in the middle of the night, swiftly getting out of my bed and sneaking out into the hallway. The eternal darkness of the halls cloaked me like a Spy, slipping down them with ease. I passed a few doors with snores pouring out from underneath them, but I thankfully made it down to the double doors without complications.

  Quietly opening one, I got in, using the few stray beams of moonlight from the higher windows to get to my location. Getting past some of the equipment took a few seconds to navigate, but I soon made it to the back cabinets. Opening one of the top ones, I felt my heart speed up at the sight of the glass jar. Gently lifting it up, I pulled it down into my arms, eyes sparkling and mouth drooling over the hundreds of delights resting inside.

  I snatched one and unwrapped it eagerly with a snap of the wrapper. I then plopped the fruity smelling lozenge in my mouth. The instant it touched my tongue, I melted into a world of delight, hugging the jar in my arms tightly like it was my best friend. They tasted so good! Nothing on Earth was better then these.


  I froze, hearing the sound from the front of the room, the only exit I had. I feared so many things, that I nearly dropped my friend on the floor. Panicked, I quietly put the jar back, closing the cabinet and-

“Hello _____~”

  I almost leaped to the ceiling, the voice in my ear scaring me to heaven and back. A strong grip grabbed my arms, twisting me around and slamming me against the counter. The pained whimper in my throat died as I looked into the frosty blue eyes of the doctor, shrinking under his stare as he glared down. It appeared that he just woke up, his loose blue T-shirt rumpled as he stood in long black sweat pants. He didn’t even have his glasses on, to my surprise. Which made him look even more handsome then usual.

“Fräulein, you have a lot of explaining to do.” He said. I gulped, almost swallowing my drop in the process.

“Oh, uh….I had a sore throat, and I didn’t want to bug you, so I came in here to get a cough…drop…..” My stuttering and weak voice dropped off, fearful of the Medic’s reaction as he looked at me. Closely.

  He sighed, giving a face of contemplation as my cool breath of menthol rose between us. It lasted for a few seconds, making my feet itch to move.

“Um, Medic?” I asked.

“Hmmm…..Im trying to figure out way to deal with you and your lies ____.”

  I felt my shoulders stiffen at his sentence, an unholy chill sifting down my back.

“I…uh…I mean….You know…and ….Ah hell…….” I hung my head in shame. He chuckled, making me blush in embarrassment. How could I have been so stupid!?

“Well, I guess I shouldn’t be too tough on you.” He smiled. “How did you know where I hide the lozenges? No one knows they’re even there!”

A darker blush. “Straight up? I watched you place them there the last time Demo got a cold.” How creeper sounding! He must think I’m a freak now, since that was months ago. “I’m sorry Medic.”

“Good.” I felt his grip tighten as he leaned in close enough to make my heart hammer in my chest. “Fair warning: I don’t like liars. And I don’t want to have to punish you too harshly next time.”

“Wait, so you’re still going to-”

  My freaked banter was cut off by a pair of really hot German lips, my insides clenching like a fangirl in fan mode. I felt everything slip by, as if the world was disappearing like sand in an hour glass. Especially when his tongue slipped against mine slowly. The moment seemed so perfect, and if I moved once to breath it would shatter completely.

  And that’s when he pulled back. I wanted to cry, like serious water works. He grinned, before crushing his jaws together. A loud crunch resounded off the walls, the crackling resounding around us. I just stood there in silence. Confused. Perplexed.

  “So….” I started, until I realized I was missing something. “Hey! You took it!!”

He laughed at my slowness with a bemused grin, taking a step back from my exclamation of loosing my cough drop. How cruel!!
  “That is your punishment. Guten Nacht _____.” He walked away, leaving me angry at his trick and lightheaded from the kiss. Stupid emotions, making me loose my one and only catch. Grumbling a reply, I began walking off to my room when he spoke up again.

“Oh, _____ dear. If you ever want more cough drops, you should really just come to my room.” He smirked. “I keep my real stash there.”

Nothing on Earth could have made me move faster then at that statement.
Greatest Comment Ever:
:iconpankakecarnivor: -
"Omg...I words. No words *fans self off*. I would say the cough drop was cherry...but I guess it must have been BLUberry." XD Bwahahahahahahahhahaaaaaaa!!!

Hehehehe~ I know I was supposed to do Engineer next, but I got distracted by many other ideas. And Faygo. So Im sorry. :) Im too addicted to cough drops to fight the urge to write about it.

This is the Blu Team Version, which was much sweeter and easier to type then I had thought. Not to mention since the Red Team Version is going to be gory, lemony, and possible vore. I dont know yet, still trying to process the words and plot. But it will be up soon, So enjoy this adorableness for now. GO BLU!!

Red Version - (WARNING: LEMON!)

Team Fortress belongs to Valve.
Story belongs to me.
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6thDivision3rdSeat Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Student General Artist
This made me soooooooooooo happy!!
iiNamine Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
...~Suddenly choking on air while reading this~ D'X VKUHBRVHR!!  ~On floor rolling around~ MEDIC!  xD
HannahBloodGirl Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I was like hmm i guess i will see what the red versions like...*Reads it* "OH GOD NO" *Runs through house walls runs all the way to Florida and jumps in the ocean* *drowns* 
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I like the red version better
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CMO-Xenia Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*runs to bedroom* oh yes please
link2008 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
Ahh! I love medic! So happy to have found this! :D this had me all fan giddy lol
ReplicatorFifth Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
reading this again I like this one better. I am so glad you didn't make Red version vore *.* I'm having trouble playing red medic now as it is lols
xXNiueXx Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
the last sentence i almost died!
That-Dappled-Pegasi Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I read this...

over and over.

I can't stop. XD Keep it up!
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