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July 6, 2013
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By Accident

Tentaspy X Reader

Mild cussing. Nothing major.

     “It’s because of all those energy drinks that your fast. It has nothing to do with skills.” I said, crossing my arms and glaring across at Scout. He huffed at me with indignation.

   “No it does not! I’m just that fast. Unlike your slow snail pace.”

   “I’m not slow. I’m trying to cover everyone else as you go gallivanting off into trouble like always!”

  It was just another typical day in Blu Base as me and Scout fought over God knows what, since it was a day off and all. As loud and hard we fought, this was the usual. It wasn’t like we hated each other, hell it was almost like we were related. His ego just got in the way a lot, and it drove me crazy. Maybe that’s why the others left the room?

  “Yeah, well I can prove to you just how skilled I am.” He smirked at me, which I countered by flipping the bird.

  “Bring it!”

  “First one to tag Red building’s Respawn door and back without a scratch on them wins the title at being the most skilled.” Cracking my knuckles, I bounced on the balls of my feet. Seemed pretty dangerous, reckless, and totally awesome.


  “Sure.” We leaned down, itching to go as I felt my heart speed up. This would be a challenge, but no way was I going to back down now. He would only rant about it and pick at its poor remnants till the end of the world! And that would be rather embarrassing.


We both shot off down the halls, crossing a section in which we nearly hit Engineer and sharply cut corners to save time. We heard angry and confused shouts from our team, but ignored them as we continued. They were roadblocks, and we were the steamrollers.

   Running out the front doors, the heat of the day already made a trail of sweat run down my back, wishing instead that we kept indoors. Going across the bridge, I felt my body tense. At any given second, Red team could spot us and believe we were sent for the Intelligence on a suicide mission. I didn’t want to think of what they would do, especially if they captured us. Torture…Experimentation….Death….. Doubt began to slow my brain. What if this was a bad idea? How would we deal with a whole team by our selves??

 I actually was so preoccupied with my thoughts that I didn’t realize the Respawn door in front of me. Scout got to it first, smoothly gliding over and poking it before leaving a dust cloud beside me. Fear pulsed in my heart as I stood there, the image of the door opening up to a Red Pyro spewing flames made me turn heel. I ran fast, like my feet were on fire by my imagination, practically heaving a sigh worthy for Heavy when I finally got near the bridge.

    I thought I was safe, that everything was going to be fine, and that I could actually catch up the speedster in time. We didn’t get shot at and no one noticed. We were fine. I just didn’t anticipate tripping.

  I have no clue what it was, but at the speed I was going, it hurled by body over my head and sent me crashing over the side. There was a flash of sky for one moment, before the air got knocked out of my lungs and my body went under. The dark, inky depths were grabbing at me, the lack of oxygen burning my chest.

  Every nightmare of drowning that I had since I was a kid came washing over me, my body trying to stay afloat and failing to. I never learned how to swim, and the pressure of my realization made everything spin as I got pulled in the current. I was going to die. This watery hell was going to be the last thing I saw, and there wasn’t going to be a Respawn.

  I felt this cold chill overtake my limbs as the slowed down, letting everything drift. My vision was turning colors and my mind began to loose feeling. Was this real death? Because it looked like a rainbow explosion. Like some hippy threw up in my face all the lovey dovey feeling he had inside his soul and now it was trying to infect my face.

  That little trip was the fading memory I had before everything was gone.

“Bonjour? Réveillez-vous.” The first words I heard were not the soothing voice of some angel like I was told about as a child. It instead was muffled by water in my ears, but as they drained, the words were accented slightly and had a gruff undertone. I rolled away as I felt something cold brush my face, groaning and spitting more water from my mouth as it flowed from my burning lungs.

  “Jeune femme,” He calmingly poked my side sharply. “I believe it would be better to roll onto your stomach a little to let it flow out.” I rolled some more and felt like the Atlantic was pouring out of my insides. It took a good three minutes till I collapsed on my side, trying to breath by gasping shortly.

  “That’s better.”

   “h-How….Did you?....Your not Re-ah-d are you?” I dreaded the thought, but couldn’t get my eyes to open. They felt weighted down, no doubt from being under water so long. Getting the feeling that I was still alive didn’t feel so good, instead it made bile rise in my throat and churned my stomach. Close call.

  “Non, I am not. But neither am I Blu.”

 I shot my eyes open, but didn’t look over. If he wasn’t from either team, where the hell-Maybe I am dead. Maybe this is just initiation into the other world or something. Because it seemed like we were in the sewers beneath 2Fort, and nothing could live down here so…. I felt curious, but it was that sickening curiosity that gets people killed, like in those horror movies, where the people think it’s safe to look and they turn around and Hey! It’s not safe to look and now Your Dead. Don’t want that. Unless I am dead.

  “Are you going to lay there all day or not?”

   “I don’t know.” I gulped. “Its pretty cozy.” He chuckled, a wet slopping noise coming from the corner. I realized that the room was a carved oval, my body lying near the edge of the flowing water. There were dim rays of light coming from above, from small slots in the walls that aloud oxygen flow. They lit the area just enough to make it easy on the eyes.

   “I highly doubt that. Besides, I can smell your fear.”

   I jerked up. “How in the heck can you-………Oh.” Yeah oh. I found myself looking at something my mind couldn’t quite figure out. And it wasn’t because my mind it slow, that’s all over now. No, it was because of his….Body?

  The man…thing…creature leaning back against the concrete wall looked passively at me with half lidded yellow eyes. The slits shrank and grew again with his smile of sharp fangs as I looked. For the top half of him was normal-ish, excluding the gills flapping slightly on his neck, and actually looked quiet familiar. The bottom half was another story.

  Because there was tentacles. Too many for me to count, the blue black color of them swirling down towards the tips as the puckers beneath them stuck to the floor or the wall. He flicked one over his claws, the tips sharpened and deadly looking. I shivered. What the heck saved me? Or came to reap my soul?

  “So you are the quiet type?” His words sounded so strange, I guess because I would never dream of speaking to such a person. I shook my head, trying to act normal and all.

  “Not really. I’m in the middle.” I stopped. “I just feel a bit dizzy from what happened. And stuff.”

  “Yes, that was quiet strange. Usually the bodies that come floating down here are dead and in pieces. You can imagine my surprise when I found you barely with a pulse.”
  I nodded, noticing that I began to feel again. It was cold, the water and the air, and everything smelt weird. Not like a bad smell, but this distinctive hint of oldness to it that just saturated the place. I curled my legs closer to by body.

  “I was going to let you die, since it seemed you were so close to, but I’m very bored and was highly curious upon finding you. I thought today was a break from fighting. Were you captured?”

  “No, I, I was racing Scout. And I fell. Into the water.” I looked at him blankly. It wasn’t a very intriguing story. Sadly. “I don’t know how to swim. And I got dragged under.”

  He pondered this for a moment, another tentacle wrapping one of his hands. His shirtless chest glistened with water droplets, many of the tentacles wrapping and sliding around his waist. His short brown hair was slicked back with water, his highly sculpted face reflecting that of an aristocratic man, handsome and smooth-

  “Hey!” I almost jumped up, if it wasn’t for the fact that I couldn’t get them to cooperate. I felt by body tilt, but before I could hit my head on the concrete, I felt the slippery beings of him catch me. Though I wasn’t surprised, given that my outburst probably sent him on edge now.

  “You’re a Spy! That’s why you look familiar.”

The malicious look on his face made my heart stop. It was evil and cruel looking, but soon faded into a miserable looking mask as he threw me down. Somewhat gently. I didn’t complain, since I knew I said something I shouldn’t have. He moved away from me, leaning over the edge and watching the water as I regretted my words.

  “Im sorry. For what I said.” He nodded, his shoulders sagging and muscles relaxing.

  “No, it is okay. I have to admit you quick. Sharp minded.” He looked over his shoulder at me for a brief moment, a sad moment, before looking back. “Correct. I used to be a Spy. For the Blu team, if you want to believe me.”

  A Blu Spy? How the hell did he end up down here!? And like this!!

“I doubt you care about all this. Your just relived your breathing again, aren’t you?”

  “No, not all that much.” He turned around in a stupor. “I mean, its not like I’m not grateful or anything, I just have more people waiting for me on the other side then waiting for me here.” I scratched my head in embarrassment. Now I sounded pathetic.

  “Well,” He seemed pleased with my answer. “I guess I won’t be killing you now.”

“Wait, you were going to kill me!?” I grabbed my head in fear.

  “No! I was joking!!” He laughed. “Why would I save you then kill you?” I growled at him. “I think I’ll have to take back my sharp comment.”

  “Why you!” I about punched the guy in the arm, if it wasn’t that one of his appendages slipped into my hand. The smooth skin held warmth, with a clear coating of slime over it as the puckers sucked gently at my palm. It felt so odd, yet was so amazing. I was mind boggled.

  “Sorry. You would think five years would give you enough time to control them, but they just have a mind of they’re own sometimes.” At his words, it slipped between my fingers and joined the others in supporting him up.

  “Five years?!?” I shouted, unable to contain my astonishment. “You’ve been down here for five years!?”

   He nodded, but without saying another word, he slipped into the water. I leaned over the edge, trying to see into the dark depths for him, but he resurfaced gently beside me. He draped his arms over the wall, keeping his body up enough to speak and watch me.

  “Five long, horrible, lonely years in this black hole. Ever since that damned Red Medic used me in some horrifying experiment for captured prisoners, I became ever more of a monster then anything else. Even what I eat isn’t even meant for dogs! Yet, no matter what, I can’t die, and I’m stuck hiding from that beast.” He spat the last words out with a seething rage that would make even Soldier flinch. Yet all I could do was feel misery for the man.

  “It gets so cold down here, and sometimes I go for days without eating because each battle provides a meal for me. There is no one to talk to, nothing to do, and this water is filthy enough to put Florence’s waters to shame.” He sighed, and slumped his head onto his arms. “I hate living like this, but what other way is there?”

  I thought a moment. “Hmmm…Well, the Administrator got rid of the earlier teams before replacing them with mine. And they have this lake developed on the other side of the base, so….” I let my words sink in, his eyes lighting up.

  “HE”S GONE!?!?” His scream made me clench my ears, hoping I wouldn’t go deaf from it.

  “Yes! He’s gone.”

    “….Damn…” He looked deflated, probably from being unable to enact revenge on the man who really ruined his life. But I patted his head, smiling softly in order to calm him. A plan was forming in my head, and if I didn’t say it now then I would lose the courage to later. And as risky as it seemed, I knew I had to repay him by any means. Besides, everyone deserves a better life, no matter who or what.

  “Look, I’m sorry about that. But I have a plan, one that will benefit you greatly. It is not suitable down here for anyone, and I’d rather see a happy tentaman then a sad one.”

 “Promise not to call me that again and you have a deal.”

  I grinned. “Deal!”

  Okay, I wasn’t so sure about this now. Although it was night, the heat of the desert threatened to fry him if we weren’t quick. And while trying to be quiet, I had to help heft him over to the lake halfway around the base and get him in safely before going back to my team. Who I was hoping would be frantic in trying to find me elsewhere.

 “You ready?”

  “Ready.” I wrapped an arm around him and helped lift up one side of him as we pulled the lower part of him out of the water. With a slow, zombie like shuffle, we got almost all the way to the edge before trouble happened. The side lights on the upper level balcony walk turned on, and a concerned Sniper and Demo walked out the doors. They were talking to each other in hushed words, too quiet for me to hear, but they’re very being scared the living daylights out of my friend.

  His tentacles were writhing in an agonistic state of panic, his eyes glowing and pupils slatted into paper thin. He was leaning heavily against me as we hide behind an unused shed, trying to telepathically get their butts moving away from our position. Time was against us, and I was severely worried about him.

  “Easy, easy.” I rubbed one of his shoulders, trying to calm him. It wasn’t working. He was silently cursing every being thought of as the pair continued their chatter. I was scared that he would move and give us away, or that he might stop breathing if he didn’t get to water soon. “Hey, look at me.”

  His face snapped back to me, inches from mine as I steeled my gaze. “Chill. We’re going to be fine. Just wait for a moment.”

 “I’m sorry to be impatient, but I’m already starting to dry!”

  “Can you think of any distractions?”


I groaned inwardly. How do you distract a tentacled man form going kra-kra at the worst moment? …..Oh seriously, I had to think??

     I prayed on the inside that this would work as I yanked his chin further down and locked lips with him. He froze so fast, it was like water in the Artic. Everything but his heartbeat didn’t move, instead stiff against my actions. I just kept myself pressed against him till I couldn’t breath. It wasn’t all that bad, just wished he reacted a bit. It felt like I was kissing a statue.

  But thank god he kept still. I looked back up to see the two moving away toward the back. Now was our chance.

  “Come on!” Our hobble got us to the shore and I slowly guided him in. I could see the instant relief on his face as he got in, his feelers coming alive and trailing around everything nearby, including me. My legs were tingling from their touch.

  “Merci, this is so much better!” The joy on his face was too cute, so I hugged him to his shock. It felt strange, to feel close to someone so different and unknown. I repeated in his ear that I would be coming back tomorrow and that I would feed him better food when he needed it. That this life would be better, that he wouldn’t have to hide, and that he was going to be fine.

  “All of this for saving a pretty lady. Who would have known?” He smiled, a genuine one even with all his fangs. I just giggled.

  “Definitely not your normal fairytale.” I kissed him goodbye quickly before getting back to land, trying to shake some of the droplets off as a thought came over me.

  “Hey!” He jumped again at my loud statement. It was almost comical. “What’s your name Tentaspy?”

  He shook his head at the word, but instead smiled softly back at me. “Acelin. It was Acelin.”

“Heh. Mines _______.” I turned. “Goodnight Acelin!”

“Goodnight mon amour.”

The End.
Okay, I haven't yet finished 'Addiction Red Version' yet because I'm lazy and stuck as usual. So Im sorry to those who are waiting, hopefully I can get over myself and finish it soon.

But this is the first Tentaspy fanfic for me, and its the longest story I have typed. For now. I was actually very surprised, since I didn't think it was going to be so long. I meant for it to be short, sweet, and good, but I have so many ideas for this story that I might add a part 2. I have no clue.

So tell me how you all feel about it, and we'll see. I mean, I haven't been good about keeping myself up to date on any of my series right now, so we might have to wait. Depends on my fickle nature. :l
Oh and sorry about the 2Fort descriptions, I suck at figuring layouts and maps in my head.

Part One: Here!!
Part Two:
Part Three:
Part four: *Coming Soon*

Team Fortress belongs to Valve.
Tentaspy and you belong together.
Aceline belongs to me. :3
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