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April 2, 2013
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Such A Tease~Jeff X Reader

Hehe! Rated somewhat for random stuff. Stay beautiful~

   Jeff collapsed on the couch, casually flipping his knife up over his head and catching it swiftly. (Like A Boss.) He continued doing it for a few moments, his dark eyes dull in the setting lights of the sun, warm rays of red and gold painting his sweatshirt a shiny crimson. He sighed, flicking it higher and higher till-

“Hey Jeffie!!!” Two hands slammed down on the couch arm, causing him to jerk his arm higher. His blade went flying, a silver flash, and it embedded itself into the ceiling with a twang.

“Oh for the love of….” Jeff glared up at you, as you smiled gleefully down at him with (E/C) eyes full of mischief. Your long hair cascaded down around your face, curtaining his head in (H/C).

“_____!! Look what you did!” He gestured up at the state of his weapon. You just giggled, taking off your shoe and throwing it precisely at the weapon. It knocked it perfectly, causing it to turn down and-

“Eaughhhhhhh!” He screeched, spazaming as the blade landed neatly in between his legs. “If I wanted to be castrated _____, I wouldn’t have asked you first!” He yelled, grabbing the handle and swiftly putting it away in his pocket.

You continued to laugh, until your hands slipped and knocked you foreword onto him. Sadly, Jeff got a face full, your tight black spaghetti strap not helping the fact you were….large. He hurned beneath you, turning all shades of red before you pulled off.

“Opps…Sorry Jeffie.” You cooed innocently, pawing at his silky black hair. He shoved you away, grumbling and embarrassed, before getting up and walking away. You trailed after, grinning at his backside. His….smexy backside.

“So, dinner tonight is my turn, and I was wondering what you would want.” You asked, twiddling your fingers. He just rolled his eyes. Sure, he and you were pretty tight, but sometimes you turned creeper for no reason and awkward things always happened. It must be BEN….

“Whatever you want, I really don’t care.”

“Well then, I’ll make pasta!”

He stopped at his door, turning to you with a weird look. You just beamed back.

“Why pasta?” He asked. Please don’t say romantic…

“Because we’re Creepy Pasta.” You stated, like he was dumb or something before skipping off to the kitchen. ‘Of course.’ He just face palmed before leaving.

Later that night, Slender got back from visiting his homeland and everyone was fussing about it. Jeff shrugged his shoulders. ‘Who really cares?? He does this all the time.’
Oh well, he was able to snag the bathroom for a shower now, and could care less about the others.

The hot steamy water was refreshing to the days events. After the ‘accident’, Hoodie and Masky got the better of him in a hunt, and BEN tripped him down the stairs while Smile chewed his new iPod to pieces. Then he cut his arm chasing a victim and almost got hit by a truck on his way back to the mansion.

He shook the water from his face as he continued to wash. ‘Man, what a horrible day.’
Although, he admitted your part wasn’t that bad. He just hated the thought of suffocation. ( XD ) Course he cared about you, you were just as beautiful as he was. No way were you not going to be his friend, and you two were really close.

But lately he began to question that word. ‘Friend’. It just didn’t seem to fit you anymore. No, you needed a new title. He thought further as he got out, trying to dry his hair befor-

“Hey Jeffy!!” The door banged open, revealing you in the doorway with a mild expression turned pedo as you stopped talking. Jeff, being the man of locking doors, didn’t in fact have a towel on…..So the picturesque view of dripping abs and more made your grin grow wider.

“Hehe…Knew I was coming for you, huh?” You ducked in time for the knife that went sailing over your head, betraying your eyes as Jeff finally got a hold of a towel.

“GET OUT _____!!” He yelled, slamming the door shut as you stood there. Oh gods…
Now this just got really complicated. Like, shiz hit the windshield man. He tried to scrub the blush off his face as he dried up, hoping you didn’t have a photographic memory.


Slender strolled down the hallway, noticing you there with a devious grin.

“Still trying on your excursion, I see.” He rumbled, petting your head lightly as he pasted.

“Oh yes, indeed.” You purred. >:D
So, my first Jeff X Reader, and I quite like it. Was a little short for my taste, but will do for now. maybe later I'll make more. Im just super busy and crap right now. And having very little insperation. Plus I jammed my drawing finger, so I cant do my requests. (Face Palm) Such a fail....

Anyways, loves to the Jeff fans. You all are beautiful!!

Part One: Here!
Part Two:
Part Three:

Story (C) Me
Creepypasta (C) Someone else.
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:3 yesssss~! boobs and abs and more~ hehehe CURSE YOU! Clap :happybounce: 
that must have been a huge blush on my face. should have got a camera :happy:* pedo smile*
cherryontopwithlove Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Creepypastagirl18592 Mar 17, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
Amazing story! Luv it!   
blue730 Feb 21, 2014  New member
Wow did get high or something because I never act like this... BEN -_-
LemonZezt Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
 Don't have long hair 
Pipersmclean Feb 9, 2014  Student Writer
I love how you out your personal stuff in it (XD) it makes the story better in my opipion btw I do it too (all the time) 
JadetheKidR9 Feb 1, 2014   General Artist
“Because we’re Creepy Pasta.” You stated, like he was dumb or something before skipping off to the kitchen. ‘Of course.’ He just face palmed before leaving.  
This is so freaking me LAWL
Shadowcat2112 Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
The first thing I noticed about this chapter is the sentence in the parentheses, "(Like A Boss.)". I really don't think that was necessary. If that's your opinion, then put it in the description. There really isn't a point to randomly inserting that in there.

You also type "( XD )" after another sentence, too. Again, if you thought that was funny, then just put it in the description.

Also, I found a few spelling errors, like foreword instead of forward and not putting a comma after somebody makes a statement.

Just a few things I noticed. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, it's just a good idea to proofread a few times to make sure you fixed everything.
Good point
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